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The Rise of the Agile Workforce

Long gone are the days when people work the same job until retirement. Today, the workforce has transformed, and more and more people are choosing to be “agile” workers — that is, taking on jobs on a project-by-project basis. This rise in the agile workforce means that people have the opportunity to work for a…

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Five CFO RCM & Cash Flow Challenges & Solutions 2016

How to raise patient satisfaction, reduce overhead operating costs and integrating patient-centered technology are just some of the challenges impacting cash flow and revenue cycle management in 2016. Of the five mentioned here, Patient Satisfaction accounts for 3 of the challenges. Three Patient Satisfaction Challenges The hospital CFO has a new driver in the cash…

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Got HIM Pain? Get Relief with Interim HIM Services

Nearterm Interim Health Information Management (HIM) services can make your HIM pain go away. Our highly experienced Interim HIM management professionals are interim careerists, meaning they prefer to work on an interim basis and have developed the skill sets “in the trenches of management” to do so. When placed in a new work environment, can…

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Revenue Cycle Manager and/or Revenue Cycle Leader – Which are You?

First, allow me to clear the air a bit; neither is “better” than the other and we need both to meet the continuing revenue cycle management (RCM) challenges ahead for hospitals and healthcare organizations. Also, volumes have been written on this topic so this is not an effort to present a treatise on leadership or…

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Unique Benefits of an Interim RCM Leader

Interim RCM and Financial Healthcare Leaders are typically engaged to fill the gap in key positions until a permanent leader can be found. However, a Nearterm interim management leader is not just a place holder. Our hospital revenue cycle consulting and Financial Leaders have the people skills, organizational expertise and the support of the Nearterm…

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What are 360° Managed Revenue Cycle Services?

Nearterm is a Managed Services Provider of front to back office RCM Services for healthcare organizations: hospitals, clinics and physician practices. We offer a 360 solution from patient access to accounts receivable, including consulting and interim management. By “Managed Services,” we mean exactly that:  all our services are professionally managed and measured by a Nearterm…

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Revenue Cycle Management Stretched

The Damaging Effect Overstretched Revenue Cycle Management Resources have on Your Bottom Line

A recent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) survey by NexGen Healthcare demonstrates the ways overstretched RCM resources can affect your bottom line.   According to the survey, which was conducted among practices across the nation and evaluated several high-level metrics, many medical practices are “falling short” of the best practices benchmark. The survey found that the…

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Revenue Cycle DRP

REVENUE CYCLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING (DRP) IS CRITICAL Most hospitals have highly detailed disaster plans that are mostly focused on direct patient care issues and that is absolutely the appropriate focus. However, we as revenue cycle professionals advocate the reminder that cash flow is a critical when disaster strikes. The following wikipedia link articulates DRP issues fairly…

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A very interesting survey….. Survey Shows Most CIOs Not Sold On ICD-10 03/29/2012 By Kate Gamble Leave a Comment CIOs Are Happy to Hit Snooze on ICD-10 It comes as little surprise that most CIOs believe the decision to postpone ICD-10 was the right move; what is surprising, however, is that an overwhelming majority…

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