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“Will We Pay These Guys More Than We Collect?”

Nearterm has an Interim Management contract serving one of our more complex multi-facility clients as Interim Revenue Cycle Director. One issue identified during initial analysis was a 7 figure backlog consisting of delinquent accounts with a reasonable probability of collection if worked properly. In this case it was determined that a lot of on-site research…

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Work claim edits remotely – a great idea for many hospitals.

We all want to handle claims only once. We do all we can to preclude denials. But when you categorize the reasons your scrubber rejects claims, you find that in order to resolve that prioritized list, many disciplines have to get involved e.g. coders, clinicians, charge master, and perhaps the patient. Often more than one…

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Considerations when hiring Revenue Cycle Consultants and/or Interim Managers

Almost all provider organizations engage Revenue Cycle Consultants or Interim Revenue Cycle Managers from time to time. A lot has been published through HFMA about vendor selection criteria and vendor management. Most professional organizations offer a resource guide that lists options. That said, here are two practical things to consider when hiring these resources:  …

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