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Hospitals Staffing Levels Improve With RCM Solutions

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers are the backbone of the health service, so it makes sense for a healthcare provider to manage their staffing levels in a strategic manner. Healthcare revenue cycle management consulting services (RCM) help hospitals to meet staffing needs while saving money. This cost-effective approach is gaining momentum as healthcare providers strive…

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Nearterm Managed RCM Project Staffing Services

A billing or coding backlog that challenges your manpower resources can put your cash flow at risk. Nearterm can rapidly deploy a professionally managed team of qualified technicians to eliminate backlogs or to backfill a special HIM or Revenue Cycle project. The team can be dedicated to a specific functional area (e.g. Medical Coding, Medicare…

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Revenue Cycle Management Stretched

The Damaging Effect Overstretched Revenue Cycle Management Resources have on Your Bottom Line

A recent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) survey by NexGen Healthcare demonstrates the ways overstretched RCM resources can affect your bottom line.   According to the survey, which was conducted among practices across the nation and evaluated several high-level metrics, many medical practices are “falling short” of the best practices benchmark. The survey found that the…

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