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What Does Revenue Cycle Management Staffing Mean For You?

nearterm healthcare revenue cycle staffing

Revenue Cycle Management Staffing And Best Practices Are Essential For Healthcare Organizations Of All Scopes And Sizes.

In this post, we’re going to provide straightforward answers for healthcare professionals and organizations looking to streamline their RCM staffing, workflows, and processes.

We’ll get started with a high level definition of RCM from the billing and coding education and certification experts at DeVry University:    

Healthcare revenue cycle management is the process of tracking and analyzing revenue received from patients during the course of their care process. The cycle begins when the first appointments are booked and concludes once the final balance of their cost of care is paid.

That definition covers a lot of ground. So let’s drill down into the who and the what of RCM as it relates to your organization.

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The healthcare revenue cycle typically begins with a patient registering for care, or entering an ED, and ends when final payment is accepted by the provider. The RCM lifecycle can be quite complex and comprises numerous processes and workflows.

This diagram from the Healthcare IT professionals at TechTarget identifies several critical processes in a typical healthcare revenue cycle management workflow.

nearterm revenue cycle management
Courtesy of Indeed

So how can you ensure continuity in every aspect of your complex revenue cycle?

Let’s look at the potential pain points and issues.  

What Are The Top RCM Issues And Bottlenecks?

Collecting for the valuable, costly services your team has rendered, in the form of revenue compensation, is foundational to your healthcare practice.

So how can you be confident that you’re optimizing your AR collections? It starts with the right team managing your RCM/AR workflow, aka your RCM personnel, processes, and technologies.

And your team is at the heart of your RCM workflow.

Let’s take a closer look at why. Here are some of the more common issues facing RCM teams:  

  • Billing and Coding Errors: Inaccuracies in coding and billing lead to claim rejections and denials
  • Denial Management and Claim Resubmission: Effectively managing and reducing claim denials
  • Changing Healthcare Regulations: Keeping up with continuous changes in healthcare laws and insurance policies
  • Patient Eligibility and Authorization: Ensuring accurate verification of patient eligibility and obtaining necessary authorizations
  • Technology Integration: IT Management Problems in Healthcare Organizations
  • Revenue Leak: Identifying and preventing any loss of revenue due to operational inefficiencies and errors
  • Training and Staffing: Maintaining a skilled workforce knowledgeable in the latest RCM practices and technologies

So Why Is The Right Revenue Cycle Management Staffing, At The Right Time, So Critical?

Continuous, timely, predictable cash flow is essential to every healthcare organization.

You need skilled, experienced RCM professionals who understand how to solve problems and address the issues (see above) your organization faces on a daily basis.

You need staff that has “been there, seen that, done that, solved that.” 

How Can You Get Confident Control Over Your RCM Staffing And Processes?

You deserve fair compensation for your services, and we’ll make sure you have the team it takes to make that happen.

We all agree that exceptional revenue cycle management staffing is essential for you to maintain optimized AR collection and RCM workflows. 

RCM is a human intelligence-centric, integrated process. Surrounding yourself with an experienced, highly skilled RCM team will help to ensure that you’re maximizing your cash flows and being fully compensated for your valuable services. 

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Revenue Cycle Management Staffing is critical to your healthcare organization’s financial success. 

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