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A third-party RCM company can help you identify and eliminate your backlogged accounts and so much more.

5 Tips for Identifying And Eliminating Backlog In Your Healthcare Company

One major way to improve your healthcare facility’s revenue cycle and free up extra money for your budget is to identity and then eliminate backlog. Here are 5 helpful tips for identifying and eliminating backlogged accounts in your healthcare facility. 1. Look for bills that never got sent. When looking to identify your healthcare facility’s…

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what is revenue cycle management in healthcare?

Why Is Revenue Cycle Management Important in the Healthcare Industry?

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) plays an important role in the healthcare industry. Managing revenue is vital for any business but may not be the primary focus of healthcare providers. However, these providers need revenue to pay for medical supplies, salaries, equipment, and more. Healthcare costs are increasing with technology adoption in a time when an…

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Every encounter we have with another person or a business results in an impression. An encounter may be conversation, email, voicemail, text, social media, appearance, hygiene and others. Some of the impressions we form based on these encounters are stronger than others and because people are all different, reactions vary. Some impressions are indelible and…

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Hospitals Staffing Levels Improve With RCM Solutions

There’s no doubt that healthcare workers are the backbone of the health service, so it makes sense for a healthcare provider to manage their staffing levels in a strategic manner. Healthcare revenue cycle management consulting services (RCM) help hospitals to meet staffing needs while saving money. This cost-effective approach is gaining momentum as healthcare providers strive…

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Pygmalion In Revenue Cycle Leadership

The Pygmalion Effect can be described as the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance. Much has been written about the Pygmalion Effect. The concept is controversial. However, like most controversial concepts, there are elements of validity that can be applied successfully in the workplace and particularly in Revenue Cycle Management. Consideration…

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Use a Cash Acceleration Team to Optimize RCM

There are many explanations for sluggish cash performance and obviously, understanding causes may be useful in preventing recurrence. Meantime, you have a backlog and the objective is to get caught up. That’s where a Cash Acceleration Team can be helpful. What is a Cash Acceleration Team? It is a highly customized temporary external resource allocation…

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ICD-10 Changes for 2017 Make RCM Even More Critical

October 2016 brought major changes in the ICD-10, and the freeze is over. Going forward, annual updates to the coding system will be the norm once again. Keeping up with ICD-10 changes will be an ongoing challenge, making RCM even more critical to maintaining and increasing your profitability. RCM Challenges Hospitals and physician practices face…

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A Look at Nearterm’s RCM Consulting Nationwide

Most likely Nearterm has done an RMC Consulting Project in your state.  Find out with our Interactive Project Map. Nearterm provides client-centered revenue cycle and financial management consulting services to hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers nationwide. Our hospital revenue cycle management services see and deal with the full spectrum of revenue cycle issues that…

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