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Revenue cycle management (RCM) is an important but labor-intensive part of running a medical practice. Billing is not a linear task for healthcare providers like it is in other industries. It requires the coding and submission of claims to clearinghouses and payers, and payments for the same services can differ depending on the payer.

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There’s no doubt that revenue cycle mismanagement can cause serious damage to long-term healthcare system performance. The most direct result being the waste of valuable money and resources. Other causes of overstretched revenue management resources have on your bottom line include poor reputation among suppliers, employees and patients. Shrinking personnel within a billing office staff…

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A third-party RCM company can help you identify and eliminate your backlogged accounts and so much more.

One major way to improve your healthcare facility’s revenue cycle and free up extra money for your budget is to identity and then eliminate backlog. Here are 5 helpful tips for identifying and eliminating backlogged accounts in your healthcare facility. 1. Look for bills that never got sent. When looking to identify your healthcare facility’s…

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