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What is Health Information Management & Why Is It Important?

Individuals involved in healthcare around the world acquire and generate a significant amount of personal health information about patients. The scope of health information includes not only personal information and private health data, but also associated payment forms and transactions. Clinical notes, pharmacy, and outpatient care records are also covered health information. As technology has…

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Are you Ready for the ICD-10 CM & PCS Deluge?

NEARTERM WILL KEEP YOU DRY On October 1st, of this year a deluge of over 5,000 new CM and PCS medical codes and other changes are coming your way! CMS opens the dam to release the five-year hold on these codes and a one year reprieve for unspecified codes. ICD-10 CM will have 1,943 new…

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Got HIM Pain? Get Relief with Interim HIM Services

Nearterm Interim Health Information Management (HIM) services can make your HIM pain go away. Our highly experienced Interim HIM management professionals are interim careerists, meaning they prefer to work on an interim basis and have developed the skill sets “in the trenches of management” to do so. When placed in a new work environment, can…

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Why is the Medical Coding Audit Function More Important Than Ever?

It’s all about Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI). With the recent implementation of ICD-10, Nearterm believes that coding audit practices are now a critical part of what healthcare organizations must do to remain compliant and sustain healthy cash flow. Briefly, medical coding audits seek findings that support CDI implementation and ongoing CDI practices.  The audit process…

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What Do Accounts Receivable Specialists do in a Healthcare Organization?

In healthcare organizations, the AR management function is getting more and more complex due to ICD-10 coding requirements, the Affordable Care Act, and the need to manage relationships with many payors, both government and commercial as well as patients/guarantors. The consequence is a growing need for AR specialists to deal with it all. It is…

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AMA President Urges Physicians to Prepare Billing Cycles for ICD-10 Implementation

In response to a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which expressed concern regarding the potential for an accumulation of millions of dollars in unpaid Medicare claims following the ICD-10 implementation, American Medical Association (AMA) President Robert M. Wah is urging physicians to prepare their billing cycles for the transition. The…

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HIM Revenue Cycle Medical

Health Information Management (HIM) to Surpass EHR Purchasing Amid Healthcare Reforms

According to a recently-released Frost and Sullivan report, health information management (HIM) and revenue cycle analytics are projected to surpass the electronic health records (EHR) purchasing market within the next few years, as hospitals adapt to meet the changes spurred by healthcare reform and the possible implementation of ICD-10. “Hospitals understand they must establish new…

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CMS UPDATE FOR HIM PROFESSIONALS Here is some great information and access to some useful resources via CMS: Latest News   MLN Connects™ National Provider Call: Transitioning to ICD-10 Wednesday, November 5; 1:30-3pm ET To Register: Visit MLN Connects™ Upcoming Calls. Space may be limited, register early. HHS has issued a rule finalizing October 1,…

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CMS OFFERS AN INCENTIVE TO SETTLE DISPUTED INPATIENT MEDICARE CLAIMS CMS and hospitals have historically been challenged to reach agreement on Medicare claims that have been suspended. The volume has increased dramatically resulting in processing backlogs and impasse. Here is a link to a recent CMS publication explaining the new “offering” to pay backlogged claims…

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