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Must Have Skills for a Civil Engineer

Must Have Skills of a Civil Engineer

The world relies on civil engineers to use their technical skills to develop and build the critical infrastructure needed for our modern lives. The work of civil engineers in designing, planning and constructing 21st century infrastructure enables continued progress. Firms looking to find their next superstar bridge builder or architectural design manager should look for…

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Importance of Case Management

Importance of Case Management in Healthcare

As you know, the role of the case manager is vital to the success of your facility or hospital and can help with everything from compliance to improving your revenue cycle. Check out all the amazing things case managers do for your facility and how they can help improve your revenue cycle. The Complex Role…

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Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Management

5 Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Revenue Cycle Management

When it comes to deciding whether or not to outsource your Recycle Cycle Management efforts, there are pros and cons to consider.  Pro #1: Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management allows you to focus more on your patients. By outsourcing your RCM efforts, you won’t have to detail any of your staff to taking care of Revenue…

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A third-party RCM company can help you identify and eliminate your backlogged accounts and so much more.

5 Tips for Identifying And Eliminating Backlog In Your Healthcare Company

One major way to improve your healthcare facility’s revenue cycle and free up extra money for your budget is to identity and then eliminate backlog. Here are 5 helpful tips for identifying and eliminating backlogged accounts in your healthcare facility. 1. Look for bills that never got sent. When looking to identify your healthcare facility’s…

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Tracking revenue cycle Key Performance Indicators is the perfect way to monitor your Revenue Cycle Management efforts.

Top 5 Revenue Cycle Key Performance Indicators For HealthCare Facilities

Are you using revenue cycle Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and measure your RCM efforts? If not, you really should be. Employing Revenue Cycle Management strategies in your healthcare facility is more important than ever. But, it’s also important to make sure your RCM efforts are successful. Tracking revenue cycle Key Performance Indicators is…

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Attract Talented RCM Staff

How To Attract Talented RCM Staff Into Your Healthcare Organization

It is no secret that implementing Revenue Cycle Management strategies into your healthcare organization will definitely have a positive impact on your facility, but do you even know where to begin? It actually starts with attracting talented Revenue Cycle Management staff. In order for your RCM efforts to be successful and achieve your organization’s goals,…

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HIM can optimize your healthcare company by improving patient care and the overall well-being of your facility.

How Health Information Management Can Optimize Your Healthcare Company

Health Information Management (HIM) is a vital part of any healthcare system and has a direct impact on both a healthcare facility and its patients. Learn how HIM can optimize your healthcare company by improving patient care and the overall well-being of your facility, including ensuring proper patient service revenue. The Correlation Between Health Information…

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The new budget proposal consists of drastic cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.

How The 2020 Budget Proposal Will Impact Healthcare

How Will Hospitals Survive In Tomorrow’s Healthcare? The 2020 budget proposal has a lot of people talking, and not in a good way. This is mainly because if this new budget proposal is passed, it would cut $2.7 trillion over the next decade from many important Health and Human Services programs, including Medicare and Medicaid.…

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A good RCM leader must have a deep understanding of financial management.

What Makes A Good RCM Leader

Whether the job entails leading the revenue cycle management efforts for a clinic, hospital, or an entire health system, there are many aspects and responsibilities to the role of a RCM leader. Therefore, it is essential that a revenue cycle management leader possess certain individual qualities, have a very specialized skill set, and produce specific…

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The Importance Of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

The Importance Of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is a vital health care initiative that all medical facilities should be fully implementing. Learn why Clinical Documentation Improvement is so important to your organization; how not fully implementing CDI can harm your health care facility; and how Nearterm’s medical support staff can assist you with your clinical documentation needs, so…

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