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A Look at Nearterm’s RCM Consulting Nationwide

Most likely Nearterm has done an RMC Consulting Project in your state.  Find out with our Interactive Project Map. Nearterm provides client-centered revenue cycle and financial management consulting services to hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers nationwide. Our hospital revenue cycle management services see and deal with the full spectrum of revenue cycle issues that…

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What are the “Pros & Cons” of Centralized Revenue Cycle Processing, You Ask?

Hospitals and other healthcare provider organizations that have become multi-facility entities often consider centralizing RC Processing and/or AR processing. The strategy is usually aimed at lowering operating cost, improving financial management performance and better customer service. As a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) consulting company, Nearterm has a lot of experience assisting clients with centralization (and decentralization)…

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Too Busy to Look at Patient Accounts, You Say?

  Early in my Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) career before I went into RCM consulting, I was an RCM Executive with a hospital chain and had responsibility for 14 hospitals. I actually thought that I was too busy to look at patient accounts. After all, there was a hospital budget to prepare, a seemingly unending…

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5 Big Hospital CFO Concerns for 2015

Are These Still the 5 Big Hospital CFO Concerns for 2015? According to an article by Rene Letourneau, for HealthLeaders Media, December 1, 2014, where he interviewed a number of CFOs, there are 5 Big Hospital CFO Concerns for 2015. Now almost in the middle of 2015, do you agree with his prognostications? Declining Utilization…

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HFMA TXGC Newsletter Features Nearterm Principal

Nearterm is honored to have our Jim Matthews featured in the HFMA TXGC’s April-May-June Newsletter entitled The Top 15 Influential People in the Healthcare Financial Management Association of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter.  “We invite you to read in this newsletter the most influential people of Healthcare Financial Management Association Texas Gulf Coast Chapter ….How they…

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Clinical-Financial Alignment Simplifies Revenue Cycle for Patients

According to Jeff Hurst, the senior vice president of finance at Florida Hospital, the revenue cycle trend hospitals should be moving towards is the integration of financial and clinical operations, in an effort to create a more consumer-friendly revenue cycle.   “Historically, the healthcare industry has done a good job advocating for patients in a…

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Hospital Quality Control

Creating a Hospital Quality Management Cycle

According to Susan DeVore, president and CEO of Premier, Inc., a healthcare improvement company, today’s healthcare providers are being judged on more than the amount of payment for a procedure and the effectiveness of their billing and collection process. They’re also being increasingly evaluated based on their quality, creating a need for “total quality management.”…

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Investment Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing Projected to Expand

Investment in revenue cycle management (RCM) outsourcing is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2 percent through to 2019, according to a recent report from MicroMarket Monitor, a market research firm. The report, which examines North America’s revenue cycle management market, was prepared through “extensive primary and secondary research.” The report’s findings are…

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CMS OFFERS AN INCENTIVE TO SETTLE DISPUTED INPATIENT MEDICARE CLAIMS CMS and hospitals have historically been challenged to reach agreement on Medicare claims that have been suspended. The volume has increased dramatically resulting in processing backlogs and impasse. Here is a link to a recent CMS publication explaining the new “offering” to pay backlogged claims…

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HOSPITAL DRESS CODE IS CHANGING Eric Chester has written a very interesting article on the topic of dress code. I found this article and many others written by Mr. Chester to be very informative and practical. If you are a healthcare leader in a provider organization, you know that our industry has unique dress…

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