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What are 360° Managed Revenue Cycle Services?

360 Managed Revenue Cycle Services Remote or Onsite

Nearterm is a Managed Services Provider of front to back office RCM Services for healthcare organizations: hospitals, clinics and physician practices. We offer a 360 solution from patient access to accounts receivable, including consulting and interim management.

By “Managed Services,” we mean exactly that:  all our services are professionally managed and measured by a Nearterm Partner in Charge (PIC) to ensure they meet the service level quality requirements agreed upon with the client, as expressed in our Q100=Quality Assurance program and Q100=Quality Assurance PDF.

Benefits of Managed Services for Your RCM Needs

Compared to a staff augmentation strategy or conventional outsource strategy, Nearterm Managed Revenue Cycle Services offer:

  • Overall cost reduction
  • Rapid access a broad range of experienced and skilled RCM professionals
  • Scalable upon demand
  • Flexibility with respect to on-site or remote services
  • IT connectivity for resources a Nearterm responsibility
  • Healthcare organization enabled to focus more on patient care and other priorities.

How Q100 Managed RCM Services Work

  • Designation of a Partner in Charge (PIC) is made in advance of each engagement. Your PIC is always a Principal with the Firm, who has extensive, successful background working in provider organizations.
  • The PIC responsible for managing each engagement initiates client contact no later than the first week of commencement, usually sooner. The purpose of this communication is to ascertain clear understanding of client business demands and clarify the management role. Ongoing client contact continues as needed.
  • The PIC establishes and maintains quality metrics for each engagement. Performance is measured periodically against these standards. It is understood that measurement criteria will vary based on scope and that measurement frequency and methodology will also vary accordingly

Some of our Managed Revenue Cycle Services:

Managed Medical Coding Services

Managed AR Specialist Services

Managed RCM Project Services

Our commitment to quality and our capacity to deliver quality is enabled by our hiring practices:

We do not Hire People because they Can do the Job…We Hire them because they are GREAT at it.

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