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A senior healthcare executive who recently transitioned from a successful career in another industry made an interesting comment after being part of a major health system for a few months. She asked, “Why is it that hospitals insist on comparing benchmark performance data only with other hospitals?” “Let’s face it” she added, “The service management system is broken so why compare our performance against other broken entities?”
To be clear, our healthcare delivery system per se is among the best in the world. We are leaders in cutting edge research, technology and clinical outcome. However, this was a provocative and maybe even profound snippet aimed at customer service management. At Nearterm, we understand the prevailing conventional wisdom that requires benchmarking comparisons to “like” healthcare facilities. It does have value. However, our patients compare us to all of the other service providers they interact with when considering customer service. They compare us to delivery companies, department stores, contractors, banks, utility companies and many others. Next time you are focused on benchmarking your organization, see how you compare to non-healthcare providers. Do not stop at being the best among what some consider to be a a “service management system that is broken”. Instead, be the best among all service providers, all industries. What a great way to build patient and community loyalty!
Nearterm’s revenue cycle team can help you develop a patient financial services strategy that will enable your organization to advance from patient satisfaction to patient loyalty. It is patient loyalty that ultimately drives market share and financial success. Call and speak directly with one of our Principals about the process and how it might be of value to you.
Jim Matthews; Principal