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Here is a quote from Mark Twain that you may find inspirational as you build your career, your life and your reputation; “YOU CANNOT BUILD YOUR REPUTATION ON WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO” Next time you have a moment of introspection about your image, consider that reputation is defined as the general estimation in…

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Most of the 8,700 layoffs this year were non-clinical jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics leads to dire projections as we move into 2013. As revenue cycle professionals, we have always been challenged to streamline revenue cycle operations, reduce revenue cycle labor cost and become more efficient. I submit that the challenge is now a…

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For a lot of hospital employees, dress code is a matter of policy. However, in revenue cycle operations, HIM, hospital finance and other non-clinical work environments, there is greater flexibility regarding attire. Read the article below and think about how your appearance may impact your career. Jim Matthews Principal; Nearterm Corporation [email protected]

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Below is a link to an easy read that I found to be provocative. Check it out and see how these tips might help you be a stronger leader. At Nearterm, we specialize in assisting healthcare provider organizations to reach their revenue cycle, health information management and other financial goals with the support of our expertise and…

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The media bombards us with spin on the impact of healthcare reform. I read through the following article as though I recently moved to America and had reason to better understand impacts on me personally. See what you think…….. If you read this publication and have thoughts or interpretations you would like to share, please…

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Patient Satisfaction Myths

We have all  struggled with customer satisfaction measurement initiatives. Patient satisfaction has become increasingly important as patients have greater influence on their care choices over recent years. I read this article recently (see link) and recommend that it is a good read if you are considering this topic.

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A senior healthcare executive who recently transitioned from a successful career in another industry made an interesting comment after being part of a major health system for a few months. She asked, “Why is it that hospitals insist on comparing benchmark performance data only with other hospitals?” “Let’s face it” she added, “The service management system…

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Hospital Access Professionals Wear A Lot Of Hats–How About “Loan Officer”?

  Most hospitals understand how important admitting and registration professionals are in terms of public image and customer service. They are often the first encounter a patient has with a hospital and therefore represent the first opportunity for a patient and/or loved one to form an opinion about the facility. The intake process and even…

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Too busy to look at patient accounts?

I actually thought I was that busy myself early in my career. After all, there was a hospital budget to prepare, a seemingly unending stream of meetings to attend, performance appraisals to complete, AR reports to produce/review, a conversion right around the corner and a myriad of other priorities. Then one day I was asked,…

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