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Why you should consider using a search firm?

Over recent years, approximately two thirds of those hired in healthcare management positions were acquired through a search firm. Most hiring authorities and HR professionals are therefore acquainted with the significant differences among these firms and the various levels of service they provide. That said, there are a number of reasons healthcare provider organizations use search firms and the following is a brief summary you might find useful in confirming the value of such services:

  • Search professionals help you access “hidden candidates”. These are candidates who are very happy in the current employment scenario. They typically do not have the time or interest to look at ads and they would not answer them if they did. They are not looking for jobs. Often, these are highly desirable candidates for obvious reasons. Through research and other techniques, competent recruiters identify and build relationships with hidden candidates on your behalf.
  • Search professionals help you avert “sight seers”, people interviewing without serious interest or compatibility. This saves you considerable time, money and aggravation.
  • Search professionals help you by bringing “confidence” in the probability that a candidate you are working with would accept the position if offered. Issues like compensation, relocation, family/personal matters and others are addressed by the firm before you advance too much time and energy in the process of considering the candidate.
  • Search professionals uphold the highest standards of “confidentiality” in all they do. That allows them to conduct search activities inside your organization as well as individuals you have targeted outside of your organization but were reluctant to pursue directly for various reasons.
  • Search professionals are experts in “on-boarding” and can assist you with this process. On-boarding is a critical element of a successful transition of the newly hired candidate into your organization. It is well documented that organizations that have adopted an active on-boarding process experience fewer failed hiring attempts.

The above is only a summary. If you would like to discuss this topic further or you have comments, please feel free to contact Nearterm at 281-646-1330.