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Is Co-Sourcing the New Outsourcing Solution for RCM?

Co-sourcing your revenue cycle management (RCM) professional resources can get you the best of both an all-in-house or an entirely-outsourced RCM solution, according to a recent article written by Carrie Pallardy for Becker;’ Hospital CFO. With the entirely-outsourced revenue cycle management consulting firm solution you can get good service that handles it all, but you lose…

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Winning Over the “Consumer” Patient

In his article, “Why the Billing Experience Matters,” Tomer Shoval provides a clear overview of the expectations of the recent phenomenon known as the “consumer” patient. That is, the patient as consumer expects cutting edge quality care and “a simple, easy-to-read medical bill that they can pay as easily as they do other bills.” “Many studies…

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