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How Many Revenue Cycle FTES Do You Need?

Revenue cycle staffing patterns and ratios are all over the map among provider organizations. This makes sense when you consider that there are variables like technology, volume, patient type, payor mix, skillset, organization structure, mission and management practices. Hospitals often rely on benchmarks in conjunction with staffing decisions. Benchmarks do very little to recognize these…

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The Rise of the Agile Workforce

Long gone are the days when people work the same job until retirement. Today, the workforce has transformed, and more and more people are choosing to be “agile” workers — that is, taking on jobs on a project-by-project basis. This rise in the agile workforce means that people have the opportunity to work for a…

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Medical Coding Managed Services

Do you have a medical coding backlog? Are you behind on your coding audits? Need a Coding Audit Program? Never fear, Nearterm is here! We help healthcare organizations meet their coding and coding audit needs as part of our overall 360 RCM Managed Services.  Our national client base includes hospitals, clinics and other provider types.…

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Patient Access Training Designed to Connect “Front End” Data Collection and Data Entry Directly to UB 04 Form Locators and Registration Screens Can Be An Effective Way To Improve Cash Flow and Denial Rate

People are more careful about their work when they understand the importance of what they are doing and how it impacts the organization. Recent findings suggest that this is particularly true for millennials, but it certainly applies to the broader work force as well. Here is one way to help access associates better understand their…

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