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Revenue Cycle DRP

REVENUE CYCLE DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNING (DRP) IS CRITICAL Most hospitals have highly detailed disaster plans that are mostly focused on direct patient care issues and that is absolutely the appropriate focus. However, we as revenue cycle professionals advocate the reminder that cash flow is a critical when disaster strikes. The following wikipedia link articulates DRP issues fairly…

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HOSPITAL DRESS CODE IS CHANGING Eric Chester has written a very interesting article on the topic of dress code. I found this article and many others written by Mr. Chester to be very informative and practical. If you are a healthcare leader in a provider organization, you know that our industry has unique dress…

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Hospital Collection Practices

COLLETION LAWS THAT MAY PROVIDE POLICY GUIDANCE This is a very practical look at the laws that guide hospital collection practices. Are your policies and procedures compliant? (see below) If you have comments to share with colleagues about how you have designed collection protocols that are compliant and advantageous from a collection standpoint, please…

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